Wait...Those Sweaters Aren't All Pink!!

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You all know I love the Pink Lily Boutique and I am so lucky to have worked with them for almost two years now! They have the cutest and trendy pieces that are extremely affordable. In addition to already great prices, they almost always have promotions and sales but I also have a 15% off code (missouriprepster15) that works all the time on all full-priced items! 🤩

A few weeks ago the Pink Lily team reached out and asked me to do some modeling at home. They sent over some pieces that they needed some content for, so I had no choice of what they would send. As you all have probably figured out, I love the color pink. So naturally, I am always drawn to pieces that are colored pink and I have identified it as my #aesthetic.😂 As you all will see in these pictures, only two of these sweaters are something that I would normally pick out color-wise. But I am so glad that they sent over the others because it pushed my creativity totally out of my normal pink-filled comfort zone, and guess what? I LOVED IT and I am obsessed with how these pictures turned out! So moral of the story, I will definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone more often but done worry the pink aesthetic will still be there! That won't ever go away!

Okay, now let's talk about the sweaters. Oh my goodness gracious these sweaters are amazing! They are all great quality and super soft and warm -- perfect for fall! Make sure to scroll down to see all the ways I styled these sweaters and make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to shop every single sweater!

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