What I Got For Christmas // 2018

by MissouriPrepster, 4:54 PM
Hi everyone!!

Happy New Year's Eve!!

Holy moly!! I can't believe that we are at the end of 2018!! This year FLEWWWWWW by!! I am so excited about today's blog post!!! I have been working on getting all the details and pictures together all week and now I can finally share!! YAY!! I shared a little bit the other day during a "Try-On Haul" over on my Insta-Stories and couldn't wait to share the rest of it!! So many of you loved the try on and kept asking and requesting this blog post!! Without further ado, here is "What I Got For Christmas 2018"!!!

Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging or trying to show off by publishing this post. I have gotten a lot of requests for this post and I wanted to share! Christmas is my family's favorite holiday and tradition and we like to go all out and show how we appreciate one another.

First, we are going to talk about this whole outfit!! My Grandma gave me this darling sweater from GAP, and I love it because of how soft it is but also because of the darling tie up side details. Another great thing about this sweater is that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down! I dressed it down with my favorite pair of leggings (I got 5 pairs from my Mom and Grandma!!) and the cutest pair of Adidas which I got from my Grandma!! This is my first pair of Adidas and I am so impressed!! I tried them on the other day when I was filming the try on haul and they are so comfy!! They literally feel like you are walking on air. Ok, maybe I am being a little overdramatic but they are really great!! And, they are currently on sale!!! 

Omg, I almost forgot!!! My biggest present was this gorgeous iPhone XS Max!!! I actually bought it for myself because my old 6s Plus was a hot mess!!! It would die after a half an hour of being off the charger and then wouldn't wake back up for like 13 or 14 hours after being plugged back in, the microphone didn't work, the camera was super shaky, and a whole bunch of other issues too. Now, this new phone is AMAZING!!!! The screen is so big and bright, it is so quick, and the pictures and video are AMAZING!!! I am so in love with it!!! 15/10 would recommend. 

Ok, now let's talk about this outfit. I spotted this darling sweater back in September or October from Pink Lily and instantly fell in love. I held off on buying it because it would sell out so fast but also I just thought that I would wait for Christmas. Well, fast forward to December when my Mom started Christmas shopping. When she went to buy it from Pink Lily, IT WAS SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!! She told me and I was heartbroken immediately. I even went as far as calling Pink Lily to ask if they would have any restocks before Christmas, lol! Christmas morning came, and by that time I had come to accept that this dream sweater of mine would not be under the tree. One of the first presents that I opened was this sweater!!! I was so shocked and excited!!! It has an oversized fit and is oh so comfy and cozy!! Perfect for the winter months!!! 

My aunt got me these perfect over-the-knee boots and let me say that I am obsessed. It took me the longest time to find a pair that were 1. comfortable, 2. had not too high off a heel, and 3. were the perfect color. One day I was scrolling through Facebook (I know, I know, old-fashioned ;)) and stumbled across this JustFab add. I clicked on it just because I was curious and found these gorgeous boots!! They checked off every specification that I had and did I mention that they are such high quality and for less than $40?! I mean how could you not love them?! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Old Navy. They have super cute clothes at super great prices. So when I was putting together my list, I came across this darling sweater and instantly fell in love. Purple is not a color that I have a lot of in my closet so I loved this perfect lilac color. Also, the darling ruffle detail on the sleeve is just PERFECT!! It can be easily worn with leggings or jeans!! Also, right now it is under $8!!!!

The blue sweater on the bottom of this stack is SO perfect!!! It is from Loft and is currently on sale!! And did I mention that it has the most perfect back details ever?! 

Before we talk about this sweater, I need to talk about this darling phone case before I forget!!! I got this case from my Grandma which she got from Sonix. It is so cute but also is drop safe!! I love this floral design because it is so cute but is so fashionable year round!!

Ok, now on to this sweater!! I kept seeing this sweater all over Instagram and instantly fell in love. It is from American Eagle, but I have not shopped at American Eagle since I was in middle school. I took the plunge and asked for this top for Christmas. And let me just say that I am so glad that I did!! I love anything that is pink or striped so to have both of this things together is a match made in heaven for me!! 

Also, I bought myself the most perfect lipstick like EVER!!! I was walking through Nordstrom while I was shopping for my Mom, and saw the MAC section. I decided to stop in because the night before I saw someone sharing a lipstick that they got from MAC. The nicest associate ever helped me out and let me swatch so many colors so I could find just the right pink-mauve color. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! I ended up buying the "Hot Gossip" color which is number A77 in their "Creme Sheen" lipstick.  

Y'all. The minute I saw this sweatshirt I instantly fell in love!!! It is from GAP and has the prettiest pearl details all over!! I love the pink color as well!! I ordered a size up to make sure that I could wear it with leggings but also jeans!! It comes in a couple of other colors and is under $50!!

This sweater was not on my list, but man oh man am I so happy my Mom bought it!!! I have literally been wearing it nonstop since Christmas!! It is that good!! It is so soft and cozy!! And I love the cute stripe details!! It is also the perfect length! It is long enough the wear with leggings but also just the right length to still wear with jeans!! It is also only $15!!! 

My goodness I am so obsessed with this pullover!!! It has the cutest pattern like ever!!! And, it feels like you are wearing a blanket/coat it is so soft and warm!! I also love the thick neck as well!! I can't wait to wear it to class!! 

Yay!! Now onto one of my favorite parts -- accessories!! I have been eyeing these Tory Burch earrings all year and when I unwrapped them I was so happy! They are so dainty and classy but just so stylish!!

I have been in love with the Block Letter Necklace trend all year! I really don't know why I didn't buy any of these necklaces this year, but I am so happy that my Mom bought it for Christmas!! They are so subtle but cute!! OBSESSED!!!!

Last but not least, the moment I saw this darling scallop pendant from Kate Spade, I fell in love!!! It has the prettiest sparkle ever and just ties every outfit together!!

I probably curl my hair WAY too often and my current curling iron has definitely seen better days. I bought it in high school for like $15 from Target and I am honestly shocked that it has lasted this long. So, I was so excited when I opened up this curling wand set Christmas morning! My parents got it from Costco for i believe like $50 which is a total steal if you ask me!! And let me tell y'all, this set works wonders!!!! For instance, I curled my hair this morning and it has stayed all day and hasn't fallen one bit!!! Normally, my hair does not hold curl well at all and curls would fall out within a few hours. So I am totally in love with these!!

I also got a new backpack, which I am so excited about!! It is a NorthFace and nothing too fancy but my old backpack was in ROUGH shape lol. 

I hope you all had a great and wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and a wonderful 2018. I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for Missouri Prepster!!! 

Love you all lots!!


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