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Happy Sunday!! Last week, I shared on the insta that I have a new little!! And, she is absolutely perfect and I love her!!! My perfect little Lexi, I love you so much and I can't wait to create lifelong memories with you and to watch our friendship grow!! I adore you, little one!

About a month ago, I found out that my little was Alexis. During recruitment, I talked with her during a round and we had SO much in common, like a lot. For instance, we live on the same street, have mutual friends and both grew up in the same town. It was so crazy!! Anyway, we talked a few times after that and deep down I knew she was going to be my little. One day, we got coffee and talked for 2 straight hours!! Even then, I was so obsessed with her!

Last weekend, I spent almost every waking hour crafting. I wanted to make sure every detail was perfect and was something that Lexi was going to love! I ended up making the letters by pouring acrylic paint on them, putting them in a trash bag and pressing down. When you lift it up, it looks like marble!! It was so neat!! For the pin box and the picture frame, my mom came up with this really cool almost henna design! I loved the way it turned out! It was SO pretty!! For the canvases, I found this super cute donut design and just had to do it! It turned out perfectly and I even threw some donuts in her basket to throw them all together!! For the other canvas, I did the marble design and then wrote Delta Zeta in calligraphy on top and it was so cute!!

Fast forward to last Sunday night, the first night of Big/Little week. Our Vice President of New Member Education told us what to put in their gifts each night so all gifts had the same items. I decided to go for a marble theme all week. It was the perfect blend of edge and class. The first night, the gifts included letters, a clue, and candy. On Monday night, we gave our littles a pin box, picture frame, clue, and more candy! Tuesday night was the night before the reveal. We gave them canvases, their reveal t-shirt, candy, and a DZ item. My big, Erika found the t-shirts online and I found the DZ necklace on Amazon. 

Sunday Nights Gift

Here is Lexi opening her first gift: 

Monday Nights Gift

Opening her second gift!!

Tuesday Night Gifts (lol peep the donuts)

Opening her basket the night before reveal!!

Lexi posted this pic on her insta stories and I love how they all look together!!

Wednesday Night: REVEAL!!!

Wednesday morning, I got a text from my big saying that Lexi new I was her big. I was super sneaky all week with my clues and pretty much lied all week except for the few truths. So in typical Kelsey fashion, I had to throw her off the scent. I decided to text her and tell her I was not coming to reveal that night. Below are the texts: 

And she totally fell for it!!! She told me that she was 100% certain that I was not going to be there so when she saw me she was SHOCKED!

That night, the reveal was amazing!! For the reveal, we did a blanket drop. I found the cutest blanket for $10 from Target and it had pom poms!! 

Here is a video of the actual reveal!!

This week was the absolute best and I could not have imagined it to go any better!! I got the most perfect little and I got a twin, hey Bella!! It is moments like this, where I get to share so much love with my sisters, that I realize why I fell in love with Delta Zeta in the first place. I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH!!!

Thanks for reading!

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