Monday, September 18, 2017

Recruitment Recap & Bid Day Pics

Hey y'all!
Today's post is SUPER long but SO good!! So please bear with me!!!
Everyone that personally knows me knows that my sorority is a major part of my life. Not a day goes by that I am not taken back by the love and support of my sisters and I could not imagine going a day without them! This year was my first year recruiting for my sorority. We spent countless hours practicing and getting ready for the arrival of our new members. Once recruitment week actually started, let me tell you I was so excited and so nervous!! I was so worried that I would say something wrong to a PNM (potential new member) or that the conversation would be so awkward. But that was no the case, AT ALL!! All of the girls were so sweet and so excited about getting the chance to learn about being in a sorority and Greek Life in general. And, I was so happy and excited that I got be be a part of that for them! After the first night, I spent the whole night wondering who I would get to talk to the next night, I was that excited!! I never understood the excitement about being in a sorority and recruiting new members. I always saw the cute pictures on Pinterest of active members in a sorority in their recruitment outfits and thinking "Wow they look so happy, that has to be fake"...Lol I was wrong!!! I always thought that recruitment was just another required part of being in a sorority that you just had to do. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. There is just something about sharing the love I have for my sisters with PNM's and helping them find their home in a sorority and in Greek Life that I can't explain. It is truly magical. I was so happy and excited for all of our new members on Bid Day. My big, Erika, planned Bid Day this year and totally rocked it!!! It was SOOOOO cute!! Everything was perfect and we all went all out for out rock 'n roll theme. The best part was seeing how happy all of our new sisters were that day. I love all of our new members already and I can't wait to get to know them even more!!! DZLAM.

Below are some pictures that I took with my sisters during the week of recruitment and on Bid Day!

This was right before we started the first round of our Open House Night! It was our first official night of recruitment and the first night that PNM's got to talk with the sororities. We wore these super cute t-shirts with white jeans and sandals.

The second night was by far my favorite!! We had the choice of wearing pale pink dresses or mint dresses. We all looked so cute!! And the pics turned out even better! 

Preference Night was SO emotional!!! I cried every single time we had a round lol. 

And then, just like that it was BID DAY!!!!! 
My big, Erika, is the Vice President of New Member Education and was in charge of planning bid day this year. She totally rocked it!! Haha get it?? ;) I had so much fun celebrating our newest sisters and our sisterhood in general!!

Thanks for reading!