Monday, August 14, 2017

Welcome to St. Louis, Lilly Pulitzer

Hey y'all!
Two weeks ago, a major milestone occurred here in the Lou ... Lilly Pulitzer opened a brand new store!!! Let me tell you, I was and still am so excited about this. I love seeing preppy companies open up stores in my area so naturally my best friend, Lauren, and I took a trip up to Plaza Frontenac on the second day the brand new store was opened!! And let me tell you, it is a DREAM!!! So today I am going to share some pictures I was able to take of the store!! These pictures are from two different trips to the store all within one week of each other, in case anyone was wondering!

Let me tell you, this store is absolutely perfect. Every inch of Lilly that you see in the store is hand-painted, including the dressing rooms! Also, they have the cutest full length mirrors throughout the store that have hand-painted shells on them!! I am still in awe of the detail that was put into the making of this store...and they opened early!!

Naturally, I had to try some of the new arrivals on. I mean, have you seen them? They are AMAZING! The first piece I tried on was this gorgeous dress in Lilly's "It's Eelectric" print. The moment I put it on I knew it was coming home with me. I stepped out of the dressing room to show Lauren, and all of the ladies in the lounge area were oohing and awwing over this dress too!! It is a real stunner for sure!! My second trip, I walked out with the most darling striped tee that I have ever seen. It has a little bow on the bottom left that lays on your hip and the prettiest embellishments. And, it is SO comfy! I think it is the softest shirt I own! I then tried on another gorgeous dress in "Tropi Call Me". I love this one too! It is perfect for the end of summer and it will be in my closet very soon! I then ended up getting the prettiest scarf that I can't wait to style as a transitional piece for the fall and then for a pop of color in the winter!

Now the fun is not over yet!!! I have decided to celebrate Lilly's Opening in STL, I am giving away a $200 Lilly Pulitzer e-gift card!! Enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter link at the end of the post and follow all of the instructions!! I will be checking to see that the winner has followed ALL requirements!

Dress -- here

It's Electric Dress -- here // Gold Dress -- here

Striped T-Shirt -- here

Tropi Call Me Dress -- here

Striped T-Shirt -- here // White Jeans -- here

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Go Greek & My Thoughts About Srat Life

Hi everyone,
Today's post is a little different than the average outfit post, but it is one that I have been planning on writing about all summer long. I hope you all enjoy!!!

The fall semester is quickly approaching which means my favorite time of the school year is almost here...RECRUITMENT!!! I always get questions on how I went greek and why I did, so today I am going to share with you all the reasons I did and ten reasons YOU all should too!

First, we are going to need to rewind to last year at this exact time. I was an incoming freshman thinking I had everything planned out. I just thought college was another step in my life and I just needed to get through it as fast I could. I had thought about joining a sorority but I did not want to be labeled as a "party girl" or jeopardize my career by slipping academically. It was actually my parents that convinced me to sign up for formal recruitment and let me tell you, I was nervous and not very excited. Fast forward to the first week of living in my dorm, I was an anxious wreck!!! (I actually go to a local university so I am very close to home...literally 15 minutes away!!) I remember trying to go to sleep at night thinking about how I wanted to be in my own bed and actually have friends at school. The first two weeks were horrible for me. I thought that I would just be able to make friends right away like I always do but that was definitely not the case.  I had horrible anxiety attacks every night which would lead me home. I was convinced that I just wanted to stay home and take online classes. But, little did I know the very next week, my whole outlook about college and sorority life would change. I had so much fun going through recruitment and finding my home in Delta Zeta. It was an excuse to dress up talk to a variety of girls and overall just have a great time on my college campus. Even on the first night of recruitment, I never thought I would find my "home". My Rho Chi and the Director of Greek life kept saying, "you will have this feeling when you find your home and you will know where you should go". At first, I did not believe this. It never even crossed my mind that I could find a "home" in a large group of girls. But let me tell you, you WILL find your home in a group of girls and it is the best feeling in the world. There is just something about the love and support that sororities have that just make them so special. So as I spoiled earlier, I found my home in Delta Zeta and not a day goes by where I would change a thing. I found my very best friends in DZ and they are going to be with me for a lifetime. Delta Zeta is shaping into a better woman, teaching me how to hold myself to high standards, setting challenges for me, helping me learn to be a hard-worker, a good-listener, a great friend, and most of all, an amazing sister. The feeling is indescribable, really. It is amazing to be a small part of a group of woman who serve the community but also serve each other. I love each and every one of my sisters and I can trust them with anything.
Delta Zeta Omicron Omicron Chapter -- I want to thank each and every one of my sisters for helping me find my home. I am thankful to each and every one of you and I strongly believe that God placed me in Delta Zeta when I needed it most. I want to thank you all for challenging me, pushing me to excel in everything I do, push me closer to the Lord, being great friends, and being amazing sisters. I promise to give my best effort Delta Zeta.

 I hope you all consider signing up for formal recruitment whenever you're time in college is, and if you already had the pleasure of being in a sorority, tell me your story in the comments section!

PS -- plz enjoy these cute pics of my sisters and I down below :)))

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