My Favorite Necklaces

by MissouriPrepster, 10:34 AM
Hi everyone!
My absolute favorite accessory is a necklace. I love how versatile they can be and how they can really just pull an outfit together. Plus, my favorites can be worn year-round!! I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites and how to get them for great prices!

This gorgeous monogram is from Love Always Couture. I bought it over the holidays and it might be one of my favorite purchases ever! I got it in the size 3XL (2.3 in.) in the Classic Monogram style. It is gold plated and absolutely perfect! You can get yours here! For another alternative, you can get a similar monogram necklace herehere, and here.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with Kendra Scott Elisa Necklaces. They are the perfect way to make a statement but are so elegantly subtle. They are absolutely gorgeous and can honestly pull any outfit together.

You can find these Kendra's hereherehere, and here
You can also sign up for emails at to receive 15% off your next purchase. And, during your birthday month you receive 50% off!! 
I absolutely love the Iridescent Druzy and I can't wait to add this beauty to my collection!
You can find it here.

I am SO obsessed with this!! It is in my school colors so it must be meant to be! ;) I can't wait to get it and wear some super cute outfits to football and basketball games!
You can find it here.


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